• Golden Berries

Organic Golden Berries

 Raw Organic Golden Berries are sweet-tart and packed with vitamin C.. They're great alone, but even better when paired with coconut shavings in a trail mix.  They are certified organic Non-GMO and antioxidant rich.  Try them and you'll want more.   The health benefits of Golden Berries are amazing.  This nutrient dense superfood is packed with bioactive compounds that make them high in protein and vitamin A. With an abundance of flavonoids, they're surprisingly low in sugar making them a great snack for diabetic concerns... a positive and rare trait for berries.

Golden Berries have been praised by the ancient Incan Empire for thousands of years.  And, there's a good reason why.  There is an enzymatic reaction that occurs when consuming these ancient wonders, which causes blood sugar normalization and anti-swelling or redness too.  Proper liver and kidney function as well as lung and heart funtion can be obtained simply by adding this important superfood to your diet.

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Golden Berries

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